18 juli 2006


Another heatwave is hitting the Netherlands at the moment, and as I got out of my library-cave today to pick some embassy-stuff up at the foreign ministry, I had to go through it. During lunchtime I had a discussion with my friend Marinda on patriotism in the Netherlands and in Germany. Marinda is a true Germany-lover and very knowledgeable about the country. She told me that the German government is still sponsoring trips to Germany for Dutch highschool students to foster understanding between the two countries. Somewhat like what the Japanese government is doing (although those programs are being reformed at the moment...). After our discussion I went to the library to get Ian Buruma's 'The Wages of Guilt' (戦争の記憶:日本人とドイツ人)on the way Germany and Japan are dealing with their past, fascinating book (well, the introduction and first chapter are as far as I got today, but they're great!). All in all it is interesting to see how my friends respond to my previous patriotism-blog and I am looking forward to more comments.

For now, some heatwave pictures.. :) (click on the photo to have a better look)

This, on the left, is the canal surrounding the old town of Leiden. Students that do not live on the right side of it, are doing something wrong ;). On the right a for once not so disgusting public expression of sentiment (this opposed to the desks in the library that I would not want to show to anyone I was giving a tour of my "top-class" university).

On the left a picture with a painting by Rembrandt. The City of Leiden has put up paintings of the famous master all over town to show that it is very serious about celebrating the Rembrandt Year! The picture on the right shows a very prestigious project of the former City Council. It is a big screen with all the things Leiden is (supposed to be) well-known for. The thing is also hiding one of the most ugly construction sites in town.

Lots of guys are walking around half naked these days.... Not sure what to think of it, but as me and my friend were relaxing in some terras seat anyway, we glanced at this guy and thought, well.. decide for yourself.. ;) On the right, something that reminded me of Japan. The guy this bike and jacket belong to, apparently forgot the latter, too hot I guess. And wheras it is pretty common for items like this to disappear, this was still there (at least when I picked up my bike)..

To the left a nice poem painted on the Faculty of Arts. And to the right, a very typical Dutch summer view!

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Kei zei

These pictures are beautiful!

We need those kind of parking spaces for bikes! :-D
In Tokyo, we lack parkings for bikes and bikes are everywhere even blocking pavements...

cheruchan zei

Maybe the Tokyo Metropolitan Government could also start constructing nice bike paths to ensure pedestrians' safety!

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Agnoek zei

Het artikel over `The German Origins of Japanese Exceptionalism` wat je online kunt lezen vind ik een echte aanrader.


Vond het persoonlijk wel een zeer verhelderend stuk, en lijkt mij wel een mooie aanvulling als mede tegengewicht van Buruma.