21 juli 2006

Luchtkasteel - Air Castle - 空中楼閣

Long talks on the beach are always good. Today's talk got me thinking about luchtkastelen (sorry, I just love the word in Dutch). Too easy to build and too hard to deconstruct. Its shape changes and changes. When its foundations are laid, the rest automatically follows. Destructing every intention of the real castle's colour, shape and size. Only when below the new foundation an old one, a stronger one, a real one, is found, there is a chance that the new luchtkasteel will be destructed. Then, the real castle might even decide to appear.

2 opmerkingen:

martin zei

hee waar was dat :P dat lijkt mijn vlieger wel :D

cheruchan zei

Doe jij daaraan?!?! Cool zeg! ;) Je was heel goed..