9 juli 2006

Recovery from Re-Entry..

Leaving Japan wasn't very hard. I was done with the temporary character of my stay and I was also very eager to go home to start working on my graduation thesis. The past three months have been great, though. My Japanese has become better than it ever was, I am totally up-to-date on all recent political developments and socially this has been the warmest time ever. Three months at the embassy were enough to let me have a great and interesting time, but also to let me find out that becoming a civil servant will probably not be the best career choice for me. And though saying goodbye to my family and friends, and to Tokyo, wasn't easy, I knew I would be back, so the parting would only be temporary which lessened the tears.. ;)

After saying goodbye to Otosan at Ueno-station, I started my journey back to the Netherlands. The flight was fine, the middle seat was vacant which is always kind of comfy.. I wasn't prepared for the encounter with the Italian species on Milano Malpensa airport, however. Tired from the 11,5 hour flight, I walked out the gate to the security check where I was welcomed by security guards almost screaming "Go, Go!" to the Japanese passengers to make them hurry. Boy, was that a difference from all the immensely polite Japanese staff back in Tokyo. I don't know why, but I was deeply shocked. The fatigue must have had something to do with it, but still.. I wanted to turn around and walk straight back to the plane to get back to Japan asap. Thank heavens for the Japanese guy from the train to Narita that suddenly turned out to have been on the same plane. We chatted for about an hour and this made the transition back to European etiquette somewhat easier, thanks Hiroshi!

These past days I have seen my family and friends, tidied up my room and tried to get over the annoying jetlag. I've even decided to continue my studying-at-starbucks habit by going to an Amsterdam cafe to study a bit. Suprisingly, it is taking some time to get used to my own country again. Tonight my friend Likele and I joined some of his friends for a boattrip through Amsterdam. This, and the biketrip back from Likele's house to my place, made me realize that I do love living here as well.. :)

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k*rs zei

welcome back

Christ zei

Hai Rachelle (of Raggel, zoals ik een docent ooit 's hoorde zeggen op het Thomas More College), eindelijk toch je eigen .nl-stekkie. Werd tijd :)

Grts, Christ

K zei

Hey, I am glad to hear that you had nice journey back.

I really enjoyed hanging around with you during your visit!
Now I am missing you, but I believe that we can see each other like we really did a couple of times after first bye in almost ten years ago! ;-)

I found the photo of Amsterdom very cute and atractive.
I should visit there sometime!

See ya,

Anoniem zei

mm... informative text..