29 juli 2006

Tokyo and Paris

Familiar with the former as a semi-inhabitant,
with the latter only as a tourist on some rainy days in November.
Both are inspiring to many.
Also to Viktor & Rolf, apparently.

They created two dresses.
One french ballroom gown,
One japanese kimono.
Worn by two women who performed a beautiful dance.
Which Ingrid and I went to see tonight in Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum.

Ingrid just got back from Paris and I from Tokyo.
She loves dance.
I love Japan.
This night seemed to have been made for us.

Two cities,
Two dresses,
Two girls,
Differences, but also,
many similarities.
What a wonderful evening!

2 opmerkingen:

Loesje zei

Plaatje, plaatje, plaatje. Anders begrijp ik het niet hoor ;)

cheruchan zei

Haha, hier is je plaatje!!! xx