9 juli 2006

Yes yes, I have finally moved.

http://cheruchan.hyves.nl> http://cheruchan.blogspot.com

People tell me that Hyves is not the same as it used to be. Other people tell me that I really need to start writing in English as Dutch is totally incomprehensible. Well here they have it! The wonder of this blog is that I can also write in Japanese, which convinced me that blogspot is indeed a better option than Hyves. The only problem is that after three months in Japan using only Dutch and Japanese, my written English feels a bit rusty. But I guess it will come back to me, just as my Japanese came back to me over the past few months. The only thing I have not changed is the title of my blog. 'cheruchan op ontdekkingstocht' has been the heading to all I have written online since my first experiences with html back in '99 and it feels sort of weird to change it now.

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Stranger words to ya zei

oos, how weird. i was just wondering about blogs to get some infos on Kashmir(!) derailed quite badly all the way i guess and came across with your site. first dutch word ontdekkingstocht hooked me and surprise, japanese, ever familier kanji and hiragana....
i live in tokyo now, and was in amsterdam studying art over there til last year at Stadhouderskade, near Heineken Experience, ha ha. so looking through your pictures was quite nice. enjoyed there very much, many hard times as well though. anyway, you happened to be with the same zodiac and chinese sign as mine so thought of dropping a few lines. yeah, i myself don't see how bulls and birds getting along so well.....
anyway, if you come to tokyo next time, it be a good leap for us to meat, sorry, meet, maybe.
oops, excuse me, my name is Mineo, the stranger. take it easy.

ps; Your note book at Starbucks. あれこれ-彼是 isn't right. look to it again!

cheruchan zei

Funny how a 'Kashmir' search can lead to me, but welcome!
I am not sure when I will be back in Tokyo, depends on a lot of things..

Are you blogging yourself?