9 augustus 2006

New in the Netherlands: NeighbourDay on 16 September!

Research has shown that 77 % of the Dutch would like to have more contact with their neighbours, but can't, mostly because of lack of time (I kind of disagree with this as other research shows that people still devote plenty of time to watching TV and surfing the web, all a matter of prioritizing if you ask me, but well). This research has been done for Dutch coffee brand Douwe Egberts which is a part of multinational Sara Lee. Maybe they saw their coffee sales decreasing and attributed it to neigbours spending less time together. But for me it is good to see that a Dutch company is doing something about a concern I also have for Dutch society. Whatever motivation Douwe Egberts has, I think it is a good initiative!

Check out the NeighbourDay website here!

2 opmerkingen:

kuutralis zei

Or they could cut off electricity after 20 'o clock. Happened here last monday. Everbody went outside and everywhere people were talking too each other. This was the first time in 5 years that I saw the people in my street communicating :|
So, listen up everybody: Ditch your telly and start living together again!!

nyc_lwd_nl zei

Zou leuker zijn geweest als het idee van CSM kwam. Een kopje suiker lenen bij de buren ;).