20 augustus 2006

Summer in Rainy Amsterdam

August is turning out to pour back on us every drop of water that evaporated in hot and beautiful July. Today I visited my friend Marije and on the way back I decided not to take the bus. I walked home and played tourist in Amsterdam. Nice afternoon... :) (click on the image to enlarge!)

5 opmerkingen:

machiruda zei

Love the first two pics, btw! (*^-^*)

cheruchan zei

Why only the first two??

machiruda zei

Didn't mean to say that I *don't* like the rest, but love the colours in those. Anyway, you'll be able to start commenting on mine soon too, finally got my camera :-D

Kei zei

I need to visit Amsterdam sometime...

cheruchan zei

@ Ma: Can't wait!!!

@ Kei: oide, oide :)