9 augustus 2006

Sweet Spain

About two months ago my Japanese hostmum told me that Nozomi, her niece, was to get married to her Spanish sweetheart, Manuel, this August. And as my hostmum was going to attend the wedding, I decided to get myself a ticket to Spain too. I also decided to combine this trip with a long overdue visit to my Erasmus-mentorkids from Leiden, Jesus & Lidia, who live in Madrid.

Now, visiting Spain in the August heat is not exactly my cup of tea. I survived, however, thanks mostly to my sweet Spanish friends and my great host-relatives. Next time, I'll make sure to study some Spanish before I go, though.. :)

3 opmerkingen:

Kristen zei

Si debes estudiar Espanol, escribirlo, entenderlo, y hablarlo. No es tan dificil. Come visit my blog, you will see some interesting Hispanics.

Jota zei

Mom came to visit us! So sweet of you... Hey, anytime you feel like coming back, remember those rough, smelling-like-horses riding policemen will always be there for you. Sure!

We miss you, Chelle!

Anoniem zei

Hiya, like your blog! You'll probably be able to guess who I am. At any rate, don't be a stranger and mind your fingers when ironing your shirts ;-)