2 september 2006

Burned Hand Break

This week I managed to burn my right hand. It's not very bad, but typing kind of hurts. And as I have had below pictures waiting to be published here anyway, this is as good a time as ever! A view of where I grew up, beautiful Lage Zwaluwe and surroundings, my Heimat ;)

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Carrie zei


Wessel zei

Very Nice :)

Jota zei

Wow... The Netherlands keep as beautiful as in my best memories... Love that place!

machiruda zei

Isn't the Netherlands gorgeous? :-D

How's the hand, btw? Doesn't sound nice :(

cheruchan zei

Thanks everyone :) We don't really need to travel all the way to China to see nice stuff ;) But still, I do kind of envy you machiruda! The hand is healing at a very quick pace, no scars fortunately! I am less happy with the colourdifference, but well...

Anoniem zei

Wat is er gebeurt met je hand dan? Heb je niet eens aan mij verteld! Wel mooie foto's hoor! Er is wel een station lage zwaluwe geloof ik, maar ben er nog nooit uitgestapt. Misschien toch maar eens doen...

Tot dinsdag,