25 november 2006


(Vrij Nederland 25 November 2006)

23 november 2006


Struggling with thoughts
on how complicated the world has become
on how constrained I feel by those who went before me
by what they did, knew, wrote and thought
on how I think I need to know all that
I myself can speak out

How everything I write down feels unfounded
and therefore untrue
There is, or I feel, this great dilemma
Between knowing the world, people and books
and knowing myself

I feel this great thirst for knowledge
but while trying to drink, to absorb
I can’t help
but let my thoughts slip
to the matters of the heart
not the mind
to the craving to love and to be loved

Can all the knowledge in the world
be reduced
to loving and not loving?
to love and fear?

This idea seems to be at such a distance
from everyday life
something sometimes thought of
when a space appears
between the priorities of the day

But no,
my mind naturally flows to that which it craves
making it the top priority
And because it matters so much,
It is also made hard to deal with
and sensitive
very sensitive

While succumbing to these thoughts
not knowing what to think first
or do first
There is this small child
Finding his way
through the shrubs on his playground
his friends at a distance

I wave at him
after looking at me a few times while I walk on
He waves back

10 november 2006


Inspiration has been absent in my mind these past couple of weeks. At the moment it has returned, but other matters are higher on the list of things that it is needed for. For now, some (not very good) pictures of the Faculty of Arts symposium I co-organised and which took place on November 3rd.