30 december 2006


Everybody meet Pete. It's time for him to face the world, shed all the different personalities he has taken on and realise that he has a choice: be an independent individual or disappear from the surface of this planet altogether. Life has not been easy for Pete. From the early days of his existence he has had to adapt to all sorts of different circumstances. Metropolises, little villages, competitive student towns and even virtual locations, Pete was the man for the job! His unrelenting back ensured that he could handle all of them. Due to the great variety of personalities he had to internalise Pete's character remained quite shallow, however. The most prominent of Pete's features were an immensely accommodating love, an ability to show up only when necessary and the capacity to stick to listening uncritically. This made Pete not really that useful to others, but with his easy presence he kind of got them addicted to his attention. Recently not only the addicted, but also Pete himself have realised that his continuing presence is not bearing that much actual fruit. Together they have therefore agreed that Pete should leave his castle to move either upwards into the vast unknown territories which can be explored in this galaxy or downwards into the beautiful place we call our Earth. Bye Pete.

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wtr. zei

Hello Pete,

I would like to invite you to make your journey towards Earth. Nevermind the fictional dichotomy between falling down or ascending, to earth or on to vast unknown territories, it's all a matter of perspective, so to speak.

And the fun part is that down here anything can happen. The decision you're about to make is just one is a long chain of decisions you're about to embark in. What do you say? Do you choose to step into the unknown immediately or do you want try this out for a while? Because those stars ain't leaving you know, but a small place like earth is easy to miss and hard to forget.

Let's just start by lying on our backs in some nice meadow during a cloudless night and watch the universe pass by, like thunderclouds in a stormy sky.

It's your call Pete!

cheruchan zei

Vervelende Wouter... After all my hard work to get rid of Pete, you want to seduce him to come down here so that I can be confronted with him at any time? pfff..

Well it might be a good thing.. what do you think descending would do to his character? You think it would change?

wtr. zei

Well, if it means making a passionate choice (yeah I read your latest post;)) I would say that it is the choice between the easy way out, which seems to have been Pete's main target, and facing all that life has to offer.

If one makes that decision and chooses life (descends so to speak) it will be such a change for the way one develops his character, and how one shows it to the world. I don't want to change Pete, I want to embrace him in every aspect of his peronality, as long as it is hís personality.

I want Pete to take matters in his own hand, so that he can become responsible for his own happiness and misery. But either way, I would respect his decision and wish him all the luck in the world if he decides to make his journey onto the unknown. If he stays here I wiss him all the luck which is unknown so that he can travel lighthearted around the world.