7 februari 2007


Op Nu.nl las ik zojuist dat het motto van het nieuwe regeerakkoord 'Samen Werken, Samen Leven' is. Wat ik er zo snel van lees, klinkt fantastisch! Een nieuwe koers, minder polarisatie, een andere toon, meer aandacht voor de kracht van de samenleving.. goed dus.

Verder lijkt dit motto sterk op de werktitel 'Samen Leven Vraagt Samen Werken' van het stuk dat enige tijd geleden onder de definitieve titel 'Samen werken aan Vertrouwen' is gepubliceerd door de zgn. Maatschappelijke Coalitie bestaande uit o.a. de Nationale Conventie, De Publieke Zaak (dit is de papa van De Slinger ), Visie 21 en vele andere actoren uit de maatschappij,
klik hier voor de tekst van het stuk Samen Werken aan Vertrouwen.

4 februari 2007

Green Heart

Last Friday Leiden University’s own Santa Claus said goodbye to the students and staff he had worked with during his tenure as Rector Magnificus of our university. Douwe D. Breimer and his wife did not surprise the community when they danced with all present to the wonderful sounds of a cover band, after all this had been their style for years. Breimer personifies Leiden University and when one asks what makes this man so special, this is the answer one mostly gets. Not his policies, not his style of management, no, the way he was like a father to the university will be remembered. Tough job for his successor to accomplish the same….

Of course saying goodbye to Breimer was not the only thing I did that night. It was such a good party because there were so many people I have come to know over the years. The great thing was that everybody danced! The music was super and mostly thanks to that, this night turned out to be one of the few chances one gets in Leiden to dance, dance, dance.. And as you all know, I love to dance!

As I had consumed quite some drinks, the next morning turned out to be a lot less energetic. The choice was to stay at home and do some reading (the reading club will discuss Freud’s essays on culture this Thursday), or to head out and enjoy the wonderful weather. One of the most embarrassing things of Leiden students is that they barely explore the other side of the city’s surrounding canal. A real shame as Holland’s beautiful Green Heart is only a 15 minute bicycle ride away. I decided to be unconventional and, with the help of the bike one of my Japanese friends left me last year, explored an astonishing part of my country… Wow..