24 oktober 2007

Bunta (続き)

Yesterday after dinner Joy and I went out for a so-called 'mental diversion', or 気分転換, and stepped into the local Doutor for a cup of coffee. We tried to study a bit, but the atmosphere was not very conducive and soon we head back home. In the alley leading up to our house, there was this big dog coming our way. There were our own Bunta and otosan (hostdad) who were waiting for okasan (hostmum) to go for there daily evening walk! Bunta seemed pretty excited, so I decided to be bold and ask if I could take a run with him in the parking lot. So Bunta and I ran up and down the parking lot twice. He seemed very happy.

And this seemed to be for a reason, because when they came back from their walk okasan asked me to take him running more often, and also to come along on Bunta's lesson today with his teacher. Apparently Bunta is running around too little and has therefore not developed enough muscular power.

So this morning the teacher, Bunta and I went running. Beautiful Tokyo morning, no parks in the vicinity, so we were just running on streets and sidewalks. I turned out to be in better shape than Bunta who apparently is used to taking breaks every 15 minutes. But, we had fun.. It is a lot more fun to run around with someone than just alone. And the good thing about a dog is, that most Japanese open up to them, as does any people. So, instead of the hurried and unfriendly faces I encounter normally, there were suddenly smiles and warm hello's welcoming Bunta, and me.

Maybe I will be making this into a habit...

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