25 oktober 2007

Dutchies in Tokyo

It seems I'm getting the hang of this Tokyo touristguide thing. Sachi and I showed Soof and Tali some places last weekend, but today it was my sole responsibility to show the girls some Tokyo sights on their last day here. We started off just a little bit after 07:30 at Tsukiji-shijou where we saw some very exotic inhabitants of our world's seas, and nearly got run over by small trucks several times. After breakfast at Tully's we visited the Hama Rikyu detached garden, a beautiful park situated on the banks of Tokyo Bay. From there we took a waterbus to Odaiba where we looked around in a rebuilt sixties shopping street. Soof and Tali tried their very first Ramune ;)!

Next was an exciting ride on the Yurikamome monorail to Shimbashi from where we went straight to Ueno to get Tali some HelloKitty souvenirs and to look around Ameyoko market. Akihabara, electronic town, was next on our list, followed by a scenic walk through shitamachi Yanaka, where we got to relax a bit. The next stop was the Kabukiza and a coffee in Le Cafe Doutor in Ginza. Here we chatted with a former Japanese Sumatra camp commander who was proud to have become friends with some of his Dutch internees. Our final destination was, what else, Roppongi. Here we got an original Hardrock Cafe t-shirt (yes we did... yes) for Sofija's boyfriend, we chatted in the beautiful, but still pretty artificial, Midtown 'gardensquare' and had a 400 yen 'dinner'.

For all of you who are unfamiliar with Tokyo's sights this must have been just a long list of unfamiliar names, but hey, I just wanted to show off with our incredible schedule ;)..

Here are some pics of today and last weekend to give you an idea the impression of Tokyo Soof and Tali will take home to Holland. Girls, it was good having you here!

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