6 oktober 2007

Leaving Tokyo, しばらくね

After hutspot with the Tokyo-Dutchies on Thursday and a nice shabushabu-dinner (yes, yet again) last night, today Joy and I ventured out to Roppongi, as she had never been there before. We had coffee at my favorite Starbucks! We looked at ridiculous dogs, knitting Japanese wives and husbands, and at all that there is to see in a a place like Roppongi...

Tomorrow I will leave for Okayama, where I will spend some days with lovely Eugene, and his parents. After this I will join my father on his ship (yes, suprisingly he is in Japan!) and after staying a few days in Naoshima-port, we will set sail for Pohang in Korea, from where I will return to Tokyo somewhere around the 19th. I will take my little white friend with me (bought him a nice black jacket), have put all Abe and Koizumi's declarations on patriotism and the education law in it, and I promise I will study them aboard the Amazoneborg ;)...

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Aike zei

Hoi Rachelle! Mooie verhalen hoor... ik krijg ook weer zin om naar Tokyo te gaan! :-) Veel plezier op het schip en in Korea!

Liefs uit Londen,

Jota zei

Hullo there, darling! Thanx a lot for the last posts in English, it's true you kept me as a faithful reader no matter the language you write in, but have to confess that I find it way easier when I can understand more than one out of each twenty words. Ja, nee, lekker... Duwen? Trekken?

Your fountain near the Prado museum told me she's missing you. And Pete, too... ;-)