4 november 2007

Beautiful November days

This past week I surprised myself with the amount of study discipline I suddenly turned out to have. On the 2nd of December I will take the so-called Japanese Language Proficiency Test and as I have signed up for Level 1, the most difficult level, I now have to squeeze all the Japanese I should have picked up in Leiden over the past few years into a little more than one month. And as deadlines usual do, this one is definitely making me work! I'm trying to divide my time equally between working on my thesis and studying for the test, and up till know this has worked pretty well.

This naturally does not mean that I am no longer venturing into Tokyo. One does need a break now and then, right? So after having had some delicious food with Ad and seeing his, and Kaoru's, beautiful new home on Thursday, I went to a party at the Belgian embassy with Sakura on Friday. After dinner and desert at below French-style restaurant, the exhibitions at the embassy were really nice. My friend Ippei was showing his pictures there, and Sakura absolutely loved them. The rest of the event was kind of disappointing, but looking at all the different people present was still a lot of fun.

Yesterday was spent studying which was kind of a waste of the beautiful Tokyo afternoon, but I made up for that today! As nobody had any plans, Otosan, Okasan, Joy, Koji, Bunta and I went for a walk through Shinjuku, the ward of Tokyo we live in. I really liked it that Koji came along as I rarely see my busy hostbrother! We walked for almost three hours and saw a lot of very nice coloured leaves. Not as much as there should be around this time of the year, this is due to the incredibly warm weather at the moment (22/23 degrees Celcius). And tonight, to finish this nice day in a proper way, we are going out to dinner.. Yakiniku, naturally!

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