16 november 2007

Shinjuku Smile

This weekend I will visit my host-aunt and uncle in Fukuoka. Their daughter, who got married last year in Spain, is here for a few weeks with her baby and as my hostmum had plans to go, I decided to tag along and bought my train tickets. My host-uncle is a specialist in Japanese educational history and he kindly promised to help me with my thesis! Lucky me.. But, due to some unexpected circumstances, my hostmother had to cancel her trip and now I am going alone.

Today I went to Shinjuku to get a present for the baby. I bought a car ;) I also ran into below two 'items' which made me smile.. On the left, the 'Banana Guard' which, according to Google, is far better known in Holland than it is in Japan, but as I had never seen it I'm posting it anyway. 90% of the banana's you can find are said to fit into it.. On the right, Shinjuku's own Krispy Kreme donuts. I am not very familiar with the store, but apparently it is big in the U.S., and now in Japan too. Everytime I pass the shop, people are lining up.. sometimes for two hours, pfff.

3 opmerkingen:

wtr. zei

Which will eventually lead to its logical endingpoint: the donut-guard.

Marijke zei

In de rij voor donuts wat cool... Ik ken Krispy Kreme alleen van Oprah, ha.

Ruud zei

In Afrika lopen ze twee uur voor een emmer water en wij staan te wachten voor een zoet broodje waar nota bene het grootste deel uit weggeponst is. ARGH!