11 november 2007


The amount of Dutch people I spend time with in this Japanese capital is quite incredible. This week alone I had dinner with Sachi and her new boyfriend Wouter, I showed around my friend Martin's colleague Eke, and today I met my mother's aunt and cousin, who were in town to visit some Japanese friends. This all makes my hostmother and myself wonder whether or not I should be spending more time with Japanese friends, but well, it really can't be helped as I naturally like seeing all these people. It is not very conducive to the furtherance of my studies though, and I tend to soothe myself with the idea that at least I am becoming a better-informed Japanologist by discovering new Tokyo sights. I did feel kind of guilty when we ran into this building last Friday, however (on the other hand, as a symbol representing my stay here, it is highly appropriate..).

But hey, everyone keeps telling me to enjoy these weeks in Tokyo as this will probably be the last time I will be able to be here on such a flexible schedule. I guess 'Balance' is the keyword here (as it always is..).
Today I visited a park called Koishikawa Kourakuen, located between Iidabashi station, Tokyo Dome and Kourakuen amusement park. Although this is only two metro stops away from my house, I had never been there. Which is a shame, because it was absolutely beautiful. When the leaves finally change their colours in a week or two, I will definitely spend some more hours there.

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