21 december 2007

Home sweet home

I am thoroughly enjoying being back on Dutch soil. My cute little house and accompanying housemates are great, it is wonderful to see all my dear friends again, and work on the thesis is proceeding in a suprisingly relaxed fashion. And as if this isn't enough already, the weather gods have treated us with cold weather and white trees, my papa is coming home tonight from China just in time for Christmas, and I am going to the theatre tonight with Soof to see the Dutch version of Love Actually, Alles is Liefde. Due to all of this my state of mind can definitely be defined as 'happy', happy to be back, happy to be home, and looking forward to the holidays.

5 opmerkingen:

machiruda zei

gorgeous pics!

machiruda zei

oh, and happy to have you back here ;-)

Ruud zei

De treurwilg, bluesmuzikant onder het geboomte...

Mooi Rachel!

Jota zei

What can I say... apart than I got a new desktop wallpaper in my laptop: one with a bike and white, a-million-times-dreamt canals...

Calliope zei

This is great info to know.