28 december 2007


The good, or the bad kind?

"In times of globalization it is becoming important to realize that one is a member of the international community and to coexist with people who have different cultures and histories than oneself. For this it is necessary to deepen one's understanding of one's country's or region's tradition and culture, to foster the basis of human cultivation by learning a respectful posture, and to nurture people's hearts so that they are aware of their identity, love their hometowns and country and think of them with pride. Only when one has such an awareness can one, when one comes into contact with the traditions and cultures of other countries, understand the difference between oneself and the other and can one learn to have a respectful attitude to different traditions and cultures. It is necessary to aim for the upbringing of people who, with such a disposition as a foundation, are responsible members of the international community, play an energetic role on the world stage, are trusted, and can make a contribution in the world."

http://www.mext.go.jp/b_menu/shingi/chukyo/chukyo0/toushin/030301b.htm 1.2.5

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