7 januari 2008

Infantilised me

We of Maelstrom, as I still like to call our bookclub, are reading Benjamin Barber's 'Consumed - How markets corrupt children, infantilize adults, and swallow citizens whole' for our next session. Quite an interesting read I must say, and I just stumbled upon a sentence I cannot but share.

"All the small luxuries of our slow yesteryear's youth for which pace defined virtue - oatmeal, chess, mashed potatoes, love letters - are now available quicktime: not just fast, but, from instant to blitz chess and instant messaging. What is the message of instant messaging with its abbreviated happy-/ sad-face emoticons, its inventive contradictions, and its furious pace, other than the message of being in a hurry? Kids will instant message for hours as if they have but seconds; the mad seconds accumulate, leaving them plenty of time to compose sonnets: but they content themselves with sentence fragments. For the person on the other end is waiting, and probably multitasking and might go away any sec now, and time's a flying, so hurry up!"

Confronting? yes.. Not that I can say that I didn't know, but still.

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