14 januari 2008

Love, hate, love, hate, love, hate, love, hate....... love?!

How the same tv program can consist of the big two opposites life has to offer.

Netwerk began today with an item on the two Dutch soldiers that were killed last Saturday by Dutch fire in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. A military specialist was interviewed and he explained some things about the phenomenon of killing your own men accidentally. Apparently it happens quite a lot. 24% of Dutch soldiers who get killed, get killed by our own fire. He said it's around 10% in UN missions too. To liven these numbers up a little for the audience, we were treated to some footage from the first Gulf War in which American soldiers are very happy to shoot down other soldiers, right until they are told by flight control that these men were probably on their side. Only then does the pilot say "Ow my god, I just killed two persons". As if the result had not been the same if he had killed two enemy soldiers (persons?).

Why are we in Afghanistan again?

Netwerk's second item was on the retirement of rabbi Awraham Soetendorp. A man that still gets teary eyes when he tells his interviewer about the Catholic couple that took him in during the War, and saved his life by losing the husband's life. All his life this man has fought against injustice, intolerance and ingnorance. He organised demonstrations against the Russian regime in the 70s and 80s when it was supressing Jews. And these days he is a bridge-builder between the different religious communities in the Netherlands which he deems necessary as he believes that a continuing of the trouble between these groups will only bring despair and misery. He is repulsed by our democratically chosen politician Geert Wilders who wants to take away the holy book, the Qur'an, that over a billion people in this world cherish deeply. When asked why at this age he is still making such effort he responds by saying that one day people had the courage to plant fruit trees of which he has been able to eat all his life even though the beginning was hard, and now he feels that he owes it to the next generation to leave this world behind a bit more beautiful, with plenty of fruit trees to eat from.


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Remco zei

So is your title purposefully put in that particular order? Or can we start with hate and end with love?

cheruchan zei

You know, I thought about that when I wrote it. I decided not to end with love in order to sound not too mushy. But that actually contradicts my whole point, so I changed it. Thanks dear :)

Jin zei

Sorry, ik heb je getagged op mijn blog.