21 januari 2008

Onigiri disaster

The downside of having enjoyed my Japanese hostmum and hostdad's cooking for some 18 months during my lifetime is that I have never felt the need to learn to cook Japanese style myself. This means disappointing many Dutch friends who want me to make sushi for them. It also means, and this I find somewhat more serious, that I am completely unable to make the Japanese food I crave whenever I am not in Japan.

This weekend the craving got worse and I decided to try to make some onigiri. Not the most difficult part of Japanese cuisine, I figured. But even at this, I failed miserably. The whole house reeked of destroyed salmon, the rice was more like gluey risotto, and the nori, well that was fine, but unable to do more than merely hide some of my failure.

Help, please, anyone...!

6 opmerkingen:

Jota zei

So, what? It doesn't look that bad... I mean, i've tried worse things... Believe it or not, I was once in a country whose citizens enjoyed raw herring as an appreciated delicacy... Ugh! =D

cheruchan zei

sweety, you're always trying to make me feel good.. They looked awful, but the taste was not that different from normal. Next time you're here, I'll make you some decent ones. Ow, and I will buy you herring!

Jota zei

Em... Okay, but you can save the herring... What about some 'jamón' instead? Leave that in my hands =)

japan mate! zei

hey girl! i was on that japan exchange with u!! i remember the high energy techno dance the dutch guys did. i also remember sitting beside u in our first japanese class and u were trying to learn the hiragana instead of reading the english on the textbook pages! lost of fun.

remember eating with chopsticks for the first time? remember eating onigiri for the first time!! lol. hey, as long as it's edible. they look alright to me...

cheruchan zei

haha... who are you then?

ranran zei

Hoi, ik ben らんらん。van jouw "my mixi". De onigiri zien er niet zo slecht uit, en het belangrijkste is het smaken, toch?! Heb jij met een rijst kokker gedaan?
Anyway, succes met jouw Japans etentje!!
groetjes :)