6 februari 2008

Nice encounters

As some of you might know, I am a sucker for happy encounters with strangers. Although I am not the type to stand in front of a station or something to hand out "free hugs", I can truly enjoy sharing a spontaneous happy moment with somebody I have never met before.

Last month when I was ready to queue up in order to pay for my deodorant at the Etos drugstore in Leiden station, I bumped into a guy who had the same thought at the same moment. Resisting male/female etiquette and preffering to give priority to my motto "you are not continually busy if you just get the word 'busy' out of your system", I decided in an instant that he could go first and that I'd be happy to stand in line half a minute longer. The guy turned out to be one of those persons who is truly never busy, and, probably following the male/female etiquette, wanted me to go first.

And what does one do in such a situation? Well, I had never been proposed to make an end to such a dilemma by playing a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" in the middle of a public place ever before. But I truly loved it! This game is called "Janken" in Japanese, and me and my classmates used it continuously to sort out all kinds of stuff during my high school year in Tokyo in 1997. Naturally I told this to the guy, and he told me that he always used the game to determine who of the squatters he was occupying an old club in Leiden with, had to open the door when the bell rang. I believe he beat me after four goes....

And today, it happened again! After my thesis supervisor had given me the wonderful news that he liked my four chapters very much, that I had to finalise the whole thesis before the end of the weekend, and that "the marking could be done next week", meaning that I will graduate on the 20th of March, I was driving my bike through Leiden with a very big smile on my face. When I got near my house, a big black man in a suit walking to me from the opposite direction saw my smile, smiled back and congratulated me with a loud voice. I walked into the law faculty to tell my friend Ingrid the good news, and here the man was again. He shook my hand and congratulated me once more, and he told me that he was here from Aruba because his daughter was getting her PhD today. I returned the congratulations, thanked him, smilingly, for his friendly words, and walked home.... :)

3 opmerkingen:

Jota zei

Beautiful post! It seems it's impossible not to congratulate you today, Mom! Also for your upcoming graduation! Hence, you've just been congratulated twice...

Sofie zei

Jippie jee!!
I am proud of you honey!!!
That means it is time for a party !!! and a song ;)

Heleen zei

Wat geweldig!! Alles helemaal! Gefeliciteerd en geweldig! Wauw! Moet inderdaad snel en goed gevierd worden!