26 februari 2008

Walking through lungs

I am free. Freer than I have been in years. Feels good. And in order to get the feeling of having to do something out of my system, I am taking it easy. Yesterday I walked from Delft to Pijnacker, through an area that is part of the so-called Green Heart of Holland. Beautiful.

5 opmerkingen:

C. zei

mooie foto's Chelle!

Marinda zei

Wow, wat een prachtfoto's!!

Hoop dat het wil lukken met nietsdoen :-)

Yo zei

Hi, Cheruchan,

How are you?

Beautiful pictures!(^0^)

Where did you go?


Jota zei

I just LOVE this post. The pics are gorgeous, and so is its author. There's somebody smiling in Spanje right now...

Enjoy your freedom, Mom. Take a deep breath and taste the oxygen, you have well earned it!


Ruud zei

Wow!! Je weet het iedere keer weer voor elkaar te krijgen om Nederland op zijn mooist neer te zetten, hulde!