15 juli 2008

Luyendijk does it again

Just watched another wonderful interview by Dutch journalist Joris Luyendijk with Amin Maalouf, a Lebanese writer that lives in France. They discuss the adverse effects of forcing immigrants to give up the nationality of their country of origin, as desired by several Dutch political parties. Attention is also given to the necessity for people of different backgrounds to make an effort to live together in harmony, just because in the end this will be better for everyone.

"We need a new attitude towards identity, it has become ok to have several identities. We now live in a world in which we force people to choose where they belong. But we have to allow people, migrants, to belong to both their new country and their country of origin. At this point in history mankind should organise itself in a different way. The old way of thinking about identity does not work anymore, there should be more reciprocity." (my translation of the quote on the Tegenlicht website)

Again, a must-see! It's in English, with Dutch subtitles.


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