13 juli 2008

This year's summer

Until now the 2008 summer weather here in the Netherlands has been somewhat disappointing, especially for those of us who have plenty of time on their hands to hang out in parks and on beaches.. Normally during summer when I call up a friend with the message that I will be spending the afternoon in Katwijk or Noordwijk, two beach towns near Leiden, this means that I will be lying on the beach working on my tan. Yesterday however, after a long and fun night out, I headed for Katwijk just to get some fresh air. I was actually hoping for it to rain. It didn't, but still, it was great.

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Jota zei

As usual,



rudy kaals zei

schön schön schön!!! Ik heb weer helemaal de hollandkriebels gekregen, dankjewel!!