9 november 2008

Dutch fall (本物のハウステンボス)

Ok, I admit, the Dutch do not make of their fall what the Japanese make of their's. But still, fall in the Netherlands can be quite beautiful, especially when the weather is nice. This was the case this weekend, so after a long week at the office, I put on my big boots and went outside. To the 'Amsterdamse Bos' on Saturday, and to the 'Haagsche bos' today.

And today in The Hague:

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Jota zei

Wow! As usual, gorgeous pics... It's so easy to feel as if you were in Holland by reading your blog... Well, now it's a little bit easier to me, as u know ;)

Dank u wel for answering my request and posting it in English, Mom...

Hasta luego!