25 februari 2011

Leaders for Nature Forum 2011 in quotes

‘We should have a healthy disrespect for the impossible’ - ‘Those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of the ones doing it’ - ‘I didn’t come to this world to please everyone’ - ‘We have to rephrase everything related to biodiversity’ - ‘You have to change the rules of the game in order to change the paradigm’ - ‘If you pollute and you pollute less, you’re still a polluter’ - ‘Teaching kids how apples fly’ ‘Bamboo is for the poor, a balcony is for the rich – a bamboo house with a balcony is for the middle class’ - ‘Everything I’m doing is sustainable, all is inspired by nature.’ - ‘Everything that is good for the environment is expensive’. - ‘Sustainability is the capacity to respond to the basic needs of all with what we have – which is exactly what ecosystems do’ - ‘Unsustainable production and consumption adds to waste, bad health and climate change’ - ‘Discover what you’re doing with your consumption patters – do not prohibit, out-perform!’ ‘Think like an ecosystem and grow one!’ - ‘Nature knows no unemployed’ - ‘It’s not about cutting costs anymore, time has come to make more revenue, to create more value’ - ‘Some look in the other direction asking the right question’ - ‘What’s the most abundant source of energy freely available? Gravity. The sun only shines half the day on half the planet’ ‘Physics is what nature exploits first > gravity. It always works.’ - ‘If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. If you teach him how to fish, he will overfish. Old wisdoms don’t work anymore.’ - ‘Our bodies keep doing the same thing, change is hard, but learning from case studies helps!’ - ‘Use existing pylons to generate wind energy – Why not? Because it’s not our core business. Work together, co-create’ - ‘Recycling programs have been too expensive. Who pays? The customer. That is not fair. You’re creative and innovative & you can do better.’ - ‘Look at globalisation and go beyond crop export. Women empowerment should be a priority for every company. Reach the unreached.’- ‘Follow the circle of the economics of audacity – we need people who know every aspect of the system’ - ‘We need topsoil - Or do we all want to go hydroponic?’ - ‘Develop a new business model with and based on Nature’ - ‘It’s about the how, what can you do?’ - ‘In the Netherlands we have to stop the Calimero attitude, because we do have an impact. And we have creativity!’ - ‘Instead of input-output, think output-input’ ‘Get some field experience’. - ‘I wonder why it’s too hot in a room this high in the building, and why during the day the lights need to be on. Also, the carpet is a mite farm, it has to be cleaned chemically every year and the air in the room need to filtered by complicated and polluting systems. There must be other solutions.’

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