2 september 2013

RewildYourLife Experiment: Day 1 & 2

Wow! Rewilding your life isn't easy. At least not for me, my schedule is just so packed! All my own doing of course. But I tried these first two days of the challenge, and liked it :)

Yesterday I did a combination of jogging (!) and walking to the port of Scheveningen. Here it was a bit too cold to sit still for 30 minutes, but I did my best and loved to watch the sea and the waves breaking on the shore. I tried to capture the birds, a spiderweb and a pretty plant with my camera.

This morning I got up early to bike to a 'high place' near work (as the adventure book instructed me to do). The dune in Scheveningse Bosjes turned out to be a lot higher in my memory. And a lot quieter too! I should have remembered that the road across the pond is very busy during rush hour. But, I did find a nice structure with a bench (check out the picture!) for which I don't know the word in Dutch nor English. I had a quiet half hour, but then felt a strong urge to get to work.

Check out the rest of my pictures here. As for the one in the train, I don't think going barefoot there counts, right?

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